Can Your Blog Post Help Your SEO Efforts?

In the last 10 years, Blogging has literally become a full time business for some.   Some people do it for a living, and some just for a hobby.  I don't know the statistics, but it is probably safe to say there are several thousand, if not hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet.  This post isn't necessarily about blog related websites.  It is more for blogs that are embeded within a website, such as this one.  So, can a blog actually help your SEO efforts?  Let's look a little closer.

I have blogged before on other sites and platforms like blogger and Wordpress.  I would love to blog daily, but in all honesty, I have too many other things to do and it hasn't really become a priority.  About a month ago, I put up a blog post about Google's URL Shortener and Blackberry messenger.  I was actually working on another project, and this idea sort of fell in my lap.  Anyhow, it turned out to be a blog post.

A few weeks later, I was examining some traffic statistics in my Google Analytics account, and I kept seeing a couple unique search strings that our website had yet to be found on.  They all referred to different search strings regarding Google, Blackberry, and URL shortener.  I thought that was interesting.  So, I decided to to play around with different search strings to see if we came up in the results.  Surprisingly, that post ranked on several different search strings.  

I understand SEO.  Obviously, because I am in the SEO business, I had better understand it!  However, I don't necessarily make a habit of optimizing my blog posts for the Search Engnes.  So, after a bit of analysis, I came to the conclusion, that if you blog about interesting topics, come up with interesting titles, write a decent description, content can still rank all on it's own.  Remember, Google and other search engines were built on the foundation of returning relevant results to the searcher.

So, to answer the question, can blogging help your SEO efforts?  Yes.  However, it may not be for the keywords that your website is targetting.  But if the topic is unique, informative, it will still bring you some traffic.  After all isn't that what Search Engine Optimization is all about, helping your website get found?  

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