Internet Explorer 9 - Taking a Step Backwards?

A few years ago, before computers had the power that they do today, I decided to take a bold leap, and change over all my software to Microsoft products. In hindsight, it was more like a surrender to Bill Gates. I know, I know, I should have bought a Mac. Regardless, I didn't, but I'm still not ruling it out someday! Anyhow, one of the main reasons at the time, were the various different conflicts between various different software applications. I was using a 3rd party contact management software, Firefox for browsing, Thunderbird for email, Winfax, for faxing, and various other applications. I figured, since Microsoft owns the operating system, maybe, just maybe, all of their software might talk to eachother better than the other stuff I was using. The problems became less, and once I got over the learning curves, it was not that big of a deal. What most people, including myself, don't realize, is that the most frequent use of software they use on a day to day basis, is their browser. Whether it be Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrom, Safari, or the lesser known Flock browser, they are all pices of software that you become accustomed to, and dependent on. Just a little sidenote, I read today, that later this month, the Flock Browser is being retired and will no longer be maintain later this month. So, back to browsers.

A couple weeks back, I decided to update Internet Explorer to version 9. It was still in beta testing at the time, and had been for months, so I figured all, if not most of the bugs would have been sorted out. For the most part, it has worked fine. There is a much different look and feel to it, more so than other upgrades. I am still seeing a couple display issues as to how things are displayed differently between browsers on the same website, however, I will look a little further into that.

Being in the SEO business, has taught me a few things. One, is to always be looking for the little things when it comes to websites. Sometimes, it is the little things that can make a big difference when Search Engine Optimization is factored in. When working with a new client, not only do I examine their site, I examine their competition's site. One of the first things I look for (and so do Search Engines) is the 'title' of the site. If you look up in the top left corner of your browser, you should see the title of a website. This site for example, The SEO Guys | SEO | Search Engine Optimization, etc... Why is that? Think of a book. When you open the cover, you start reading from the top left. So do Search Engines.

So it occurred to me the other night while doing a bit of research, that when using Internet Explorer 9, the title bar, was empty. I thought it may have had something to do with the site I was visiting. So I tried another, and another, and another, nothing. Isn't that strange, I thought. Why was the title removed? Was it to keep a nice clean sleek looking browser? Was it an oversight? Was it for another reason? I don't really know. The good news, is that you can get this back. If you right click on your desktop, click Personalize, and select the Windows Basic theme, it does come back. The bad news is, it makes my desktop and Windows 7, look like Windows 98. So, having said all that, I guess I am going back to Firefox for the next little while. Thanks Microsoft, it's been fun.

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