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Duplicate Title Tags

Those title pages that are original and descriptive will boost the chances the search engines to direct users to the proper audience your website is targeting. The Alexa Site Audit, for one, will give you a very detailed listing of the common, duplicate titles used on the various unique pages to aid in guiding users to your site.

Missing Title Tags

The bulk of the search engines online will display a title to a page in the search results and when a page is missing a title, it could end up with a totally lost opportunity for driving traffic to your site. The Alexa Site Audit presents a comprehensive list of pages that are not showing a title.

Lengthy Title Tags

When a search engine presents a title page, it will cut down on all titles that are too long. The Alexa Site Audit will quickly ID the pages on your site with titles that are far too lengthy.

Multiple Title Tags

Every single page on a site will require a specific unique title that clearly offers a description for the content of a page, but it might be a lot easier to have more than one title on a single page. The Alexa Site Audit can perform a check on your behalf and do so in a way that will reveal whether or not multiple title tags exist.


The measure of the number of links a crawler has to follow to discover pages on your site is defined by the term reachability. An analysis of your site will deliver a list of the very tough to reach pages and this ensures you gain the insight on how to locate obscured content quickly.

The Redirects

To redirect far too many pages found on your site to various other pages will waste crawler resources and could result in a much smaller number of pages being crawled. An effective analysis can easily determine whether or not the redirects you are employing are actually being used in an effective manner.

Anchor Text

Quality anchor text will succinctly point out the destination page. The Alexa Site Audit offers a very clear and detailed list of all the links that can be found on the different pages of a site.

Broken Links

There are a lot of problems associated with a broken link since such a link can hamper user experience, be a drain on search engine crawler resources, and can totally undermine your placement in the actual rankings. Thanks to the Alexa Site Audit, you will be able to locate all those annoying broken links and make very quite and necessary changes.

Pages That Dead End

A page without a link or series of links is not a good thing for visitors. We have the ability to show you what pages on your site can be considered a dead end to contribute to improvements to your user experience.

Page Not Found

A solid '404' or 'Page Not Found' error page does not just make note of an error. A clear analysis of your site can aid in telling you whether or not your have drafted the perfect 'Page Not Found' error page.

Long URLs

The vast majority of the search engines will list URLs in the search results. When a URL is too long, those doing the searches will end up seeing a shortened version meaning they flat out may not click on your link.

Duplicate Content

Are you recycling text and images in the content of your site? This can have a very seriously negative effect on the rankings of your site. You will need to know exactly how duplicate content will have a seriously adverse effect on your search engine ranking.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

As with page content, meta descriptions should be very unique. We have the ability to locate any duplicate meta descriptions throughout the totality of your site so your pages do get properly indexed.

Too Numerous an Amount of Links

Links have great value. Yet, if you have far too many links, you can end up making a page really difficult to navigate, and this can open the door for a lot of SEO problems. We will look at the pages on your site and see if they have too make links.

Server Errors

A server error is a notification that there is a seriously major problem present with the content of your site. The Alexa Site Audit will perform the needed checks to determine in there are any server errors on your site and also offer a list of pages that do have such server errors.


A misconfigured robots.txt file can have the incredibly bad effect of blocking crawlers form accessing the valuable content on the site. The Alexa Site Audit can take the steps to see if a robots.txt file has the right configuration and if it does not then it will offer recommendations.

Session IDs

When a site uses session ID parameters as a component of their URLs, the site might end up receiving lower rankings in the search results. You can use the Alexa Site Audit to make a clear determination as to which pages on your site use these.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

You can take the steps to build upon all current SEM strategies through taking in our keyword recommendations which will be unique to your site. A vast database of search analytics is open and this allows to locate top advertising keywords without going through a huge expense.

On-Site Links

We can take the steps to analyze the link structure present on your site to figure out which pages will find more link on your site to be a beneficial strategy.


A lot of websites are designed so users can visit the site via both and A lot of search engines consider these to be totally separate hosts so it is very critical to have one direct to the other or else your Page Rank might end up being split among the two entities.

A Very Low Word Count

A page with little or no text or valuable content will not receive very good placement in the search engine results. In the Alexa Site Audit, you might discover a listing of pages with little or no text content to aid in improving your placement in the search engine results.

Image Descriptions

Through using image descriptions, you can aid the search engines in indexing the non-text content of the pages, which can make a site a lot more accessible to those with visual impairments, Our service will aid you in finding those pages on the website that have images without any description.

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