Should You Automate Your SEO Efforts?

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  The hard part is knowing what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do.  Search Engine Optimization, can be a long, daunting, and repetitive task.  SEO is  like most things in life, to be successful at it, requires some hard work.  The last thing you want to happen, is see all your efforts go to waste because of some tempting, time saving piece of software, that will do some of these processes for you, automatically.  The topic of automation, is one I see being discussed more and more.  Let's face it, if you could find something to save you time and money, why wouldn't you? 

So, is it ok to automate your SEO eforts, or at least some of them?  The answer to that is, it depends.  Content to Search Engines is like oxygen to people.  Without either, neither would exist.  Therefore, Search Engines love content.  More importantly, fresh, new, original content.  Spam, has always been a problem on the internet.  In fact, Google released a statement on their blog, just the other day regarding this.  It sounds like, they too, are fed up with spam, and are going to let their search results reflect it.   So, let's have a closer look and see what spam and automation have in common.

Linkbuilding is an important process in Search Engine Optimization.  The problem is, some people use software in essence, to create thousands upon thousands of links to their website, making it look important in the eyes of the Search Engines.  I don't have a problem with trying to make your website a success.  I just think it should be a success because it deserves to be.  A simple piece of content, such as an article or video seen by a few, could translate to thousands if not millions views within hours, days or weeks.   However, there is software that "spins' articles.  Spun articles, are several articles that take the same words from the original article, and are rearranged to look like several 'unique' articles add nothing of value to the web.  Same with creating thousands of unused forum profiles.  To me, that is the same as storing a bunch of garbage in a closet. 

In it's early inception, the internet was somewhat of a one way street when it came to websites and their audiences.  Website owners posted content that was there for their audience to read.  Quickly thereafter, web 2.0 evolved and the audiences began to ineract with the site owners through bulletin boards or forums, and blogs.  Blog commenting has also become another automated process.  Basically, software scours the internet looking for new blog posts, and usually adds an irrelevant, useless type of comment, such as "nice post", or "I agree".  Add something of value.  Participate.  Get engaged with the author.  People may be more likely to click through to your website if you have something important to say.

So, when is it ok to automate?  Well, one thing I do is link a lot, if not all of my social media accounts together.  For example, when I post content or add value, my twitter accounts sends a tweet out to my followers.  My facebook friends get to see it, if they choose.  My RSS feed notifies my readers of a new blog post.  Our youtube account tweets about our new video.  What's the difference?  You chose to follow my tweets, you chose to 'like' us in facebook, you chose to follow my friendfeed, Digg or insert any other web 2.0 profile I use.  See the difference?

So, how does this all tie in to SEO automation?  Very simple.  We don't automate our own Search Engine Optimization efforts using software that spins articles or makes blog commments or builds countless forum profiles, never have, never will.  Nor will we ever automate for the sake of our clients.  If we're writing an article about your business, we guarantee it will be unique.  Your video will be original.  Your press release will be carefully worded, thought out, and strategically placed.  The interent will eventually become the biggest platform for commerce and trade.  I have never had a computer pay me for my services, no matter what it is I have done.  Only people are capable of that.  So why would I trust a computer to do all my original, and creative work when it comes to content, for my website's Search Engine Optimization campaign?  Not a chance.  The ramifications, outweigh the benefits.  Eventually, the Search Engines will catch on, if they haven't already. 



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