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13 Dec, 2010 | Comments

Too often, small business owners with websites, seem to think that their IT guy or IT person, is the person that knows everything about their website, including Search Engine Optimization.  The reality is, most IT people are experts about everything else when it comes to computers, mostly their computer network, computer software, and computer viruses.

01 Dec, 2010 | Comments

There really is no secret to the process.  Brad knows as he has been doing this a long time and has been extremely successful at Search Engine Optimization.  The hardest part about SEO, is doing the work.  Just like being successful in anything else, to be successful in SEO requires a concentrated and persistent effort.

29 Nov, 2010 | Comments

In this video, Brad Gosse talks about Mobile Marketing for Small Business by using such applications as Foursquare.  See how somethin as simplie as registering your business at can help spread the word about your product or service to the growing trend of users that are using these mobile applications.  You csan not only make the local user aware of your business, but offer them a special in return for their patronage.

26 Nov, 2010 | Comments

I was updating our website tonight, adding some video content, and looking at our feedburner feed statistics.  I couldn't help but notice this strange, alien like image staring me in the face.  I kept thinking to myself, where have I seen this before?  Then it came to me.  It was the picture of a Blackberry Messenger barcode on my computer screen.  I thought to myself, does Google want me to add them as a contact?  Is this a way of getting my feedburner statistics directly to my Blackberry?  Why would they be showing this on my computer screen? 

26 Nov, 2010 | Comments

The facebook "like" button has become more than just another thing to tell your friends about what you are interested in as you surf around the internet.  Everywhere you go, you'll see that many websites have added this button to their site.  Whether you "like" this button or not, it i here to stay.  Brad Gosse talks about why you should be adding this button to your website, and how it can actually help your website with Search Engine Optimization.

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