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14 Sep, 2010 | Comments

Not that long ago my wife and I bought a beautiful century old home. As first time home owners we needed lots of stuff for our landscaping chores such as a rake,  a shovel, hose and other goodies. I went online to compare brands and prices for a grass trimmer. During my Google search I noticed one of the largest chain of hardware stores advertising in Google's paid search. My first reaction was: Why would they do that? They spend millions on their advertising through print, radio and television. Then it became clear to me.

24 Jul, 2010 | Comments

A familiar topic that we write about around here and on popular article and blogging sites is the shift that we are seeing in how Google handles search engine optimization. Their algorithms are highly guarded secrets but we believe that Google is changing how they view websites today and tomorrow.

22 Jul, 2010 | Comments

With the popularity of Web 2.0 social networking sites companies are beginning to recognize the advantage of having their own Twitter, Facebook, YouTube page. The temptation for many companies; however, is to reach as many people as possible and using services to purchase subscribers, fans, friends, or followers. Wayne Peters and Brad Gosse examine this trend.

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16 May, 2010 | Comments

Search engine optimization should be an active part of every business website’s overall marketing strategy. We list five ways for your company to jump start your SEO efforts:

1. Build quality backlinks to your website.

15 May, 2010 | Comments

There is an old saying that goes something like “Age before Beauty”. My grandmother says that often when we visit. At the age of ninety I must say that she has aged well. She is quite active, smart and has all her faculties.

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