The SEO Guys don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

We have all heard the stories about the shoe cobbler that wore shoes that needed repairing, the landscaper with the messy yard. How would you feel, going to a dentist who had cavities? We believe you should practise what you preach.

In today’s high tech world, most businesses are approached regularly by companies offering SEO solutions. They must be asked where they rank with their own web site, and for some examples of some “key words” or “key word phrases” their company has been chasing. Their answers may surprise you.

For those of you new to the terminology, we would like to give a brief distinction between the terms “short tail” and “long tail” which you often hear used. The term “long tail” just refers to the length of phrase you are going after for page ranking during an organic search. The longer the phrase, the easier it is to obtain page ranking, (not that it’s easy!). For example, the phrase, “chinese food in your home town” is not as difficult to achieve page ranking as the phrase “chinese food” would be. The reason, of course, is the number of competing sites that you are up against increases as the phrase gets shorter. Single word phrases are the most difficult in each category. This is the very reason why The SEO Guys offer different packages. Each situation has to be assessed on an individual basis.

Be sure to have one of our Account Representatives to give you some more current examples of success we have achieved. We want to share what we have achieved with our own businesses, before you trust us with yours. We Deliver!

The Situation

The SEO Guys was established by four talented guys with different backgrounds and varied business skills. Even though they had over 16 years of successful website development and SEO experience, The SEO Guys website was brand new. The we

The Challenge

Being in the SEO business meant the competition for customers were other well established SEO companies. As do most companies, we too approached the challenge of acquiring customers by developing a sales force. This continues. But logic


The SEO Guys decided to be transparent in the pursuit of page one. SEO work started in July 2010. The methods used will not be revealed, but The SEO Guys declares and affirms no other techniques other than those suggested in the various

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