2018 Crypto Database

Crypto marketing database of active companies and people in crypto that’s sure to become your valuable marketing resource - whether you’re an investor, marketer, entrepreneur, or someone simply just getting started in crypto.

Database list (docs.google.com/spreadsheets, exel, pdf format)

1000 x ICO's Companies
1600 x Blockchain Startups
200 x Resources for Crypto Investors and ICO Developers (link with description)
60  x Crypto Exchanges
500 x Crypto Journalists
110 x Crypto Reddit Groups
100 x Crypto VC's
160 x Crypto and Tech News Outlets
120 x Crypto Events
760 x Crypto Facebook Groups
280 x Crypto, ICO Telegram Groups and Channels
200 x Top Cryptocurrency People on Twitter
58 x Websites with ICO Directories, PR and Advertising resources
10 x  Popular Cryptocurrency guys to watch on YouTube

Each file has a different fields but most data included  Company name, Company URL, TwitterURL, Contact page URL, General email, CEO name, CEO Twitter URL, CEO email, Follower count etc.

The price is $450 USA (you will be able to pay in Crypto)

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