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The core of The SEO Guys Inc. consists of four owners with top accomplishments in Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Project Management and Business Operations and Marketing.  The initial concept for the business was developed by John Kovats because of relationships he had fostered in getting The Benefit Guys established.  He realized he was working with a unique group of people.  Each had great skills individually and he realized their talents combined could accomplish so much more.  All the guys got together at a Starbucks to discuss the possibilities.  With over 16 years of successful website development and SEO work among themselves, as well as over 60 years of successful business experience, The SEO Guys was born that day.Speaking Engagements

If your organization would like to have us attend your meeting to discuss search engine optimization or inbound marketing in the 21st century, contact The SEO guys by phone or fill out the following form with your details.  Limited engagements can be arranged.


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