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Igaming Affiliate Program Consulting

Any new business needs a plan to market their business, and achieve the goals they want. If your business doesn’t have a solid marketing plan, or you need a new or update plan then we can make one for you!

We have connections in ever industry, and we will perform market research, conduct surveys, competitor analysis, to help create a marketing plan tailor made for your business and your affiliate program.

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Casino Affiliate Program Management

New businesses start up everyday, and many new business do a great job at generating excitement and “buzz” about your program, and then they fail to deliver what their affiliates want.

Good affiliate managers are hard to come by, and many just don’t have the experience needed to get a program off the ground and making money. They may have the best intentions, but they just can’t execute and turn excited affiliates into affiliates that make you money!

The team here at are have over 20 years in Internet and Affiliate Marketing. We will help you analyze your market competition, and devise a plan that will move your program to the top of major affiliates. Not only will affiliates help you make money, they will help you generate buzz about your program and bring in real traffic.

In addition, our team will help setup policies and procedures which will ensure growth and stability for years to come.

Super Affilliate Recruiting

The Affiliate Industry is a vast and lucrative market. Our team will help you get exposure on the largest affiliate websites, which will make you money, get you traffic, and most of all give you instant credibility and name recognition.

Programs come and go, and affiliates are always cautious about promoting new brands. But when you work with, we have an established track record of only working with the most stable companies that are here to stay. So just by working with us, you gain instant credibility and access to our large network of advertisers.

Affiliate Management Software and KPI’s can also help you select the best Casino Affiliate List of programs possible. We can take an unbiased look at your current options, your specific needs, and your long term goals to help you select the best management backend that is right for you.

We have helped numerous clients select the best software package to fit their needs, and help provide training to your in house staff. Affiliate backends can be a make or break issue with your partners, so we want to help make sure you get a backend that is the right fit for your company.

In our evaluation we take an in depth look at needs and costs and make a recommendation on a software platform that is right for you. We can help you convert and brand your new (or existing) platform for success. We will do what needs done to make sure you partners can promote our brand, with no obstacles slowing them down.

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