The Guyser is The Winner

October 20, 2010 Cambridge, ON  The Guyser is the winner of the most recent competition to name the monthly e-newsletter for The SEO Guys.  The SEO Guys confirmed today the results of the competition held among staff and customers.  “We had a number of interesting submissions”.  The Guyser is really a play on our name and a recognizable event.

“Search Engine Optimization is a process that involves many disciplines.” John went on to say.  “An e-newsletter is part of the SEO game.  Ongoing talk about your newsletter and its content around the internet is an extension of the effectiveness of the newsletter.”  Search Engine Optimization is one of the elements of search engine marketing.  Effective SEO work involves many disciplines.

“The SEO Guys are not giving away any of our SEO secrets.  Let’s just say we practise what we preach. Being in the SEO business, one would think we should rank, (and do), during an organic search of our own specific search terms.  For businesses with websites, I would suggest they might want to copy some of the things The SEO Guys do themselves.  For companies not yet using a newsletter, it is something to seriously consider using.  We use a newsletter, not because we need the extra work of preparing the content and publishing it, we do it to assist us with the Search Engine Optimization of our own website.”

The Guyser now has a page of its own on The SEO Guys website.  “Publishing a newsletter keeps our Company’s name and services in front of our customers and our potential customers.” John went on to say.  “When we post our newsletter to the website, we automatically update our website content with the new information.  Most everybody knows that “content is king” when it comes to the search engines.  Producing a regular newsletter and then posting it to your website will give you at least twice the results with the same amount of work.

John and his team of SEO Project Specialists remind every business of the importance of a regular informative e-newsletter.  Don’t just send that newsletter, post it on your website too!

While you are at it, why not create some excitement, have a contest for a suitable name.  You would be amazed at the ideas which will be presented.  Our e-newsletter name may be a little different, but you will remember it!  That’s called marketing.

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