Referral Partners

  • You are a business consultant, an accountant, a lawyer, a free lance marketer, a webmaster who refers traffic flow for the appropriate referral fees.
  • Businesses and other professionals respect your referrals.
  • You are entrepreneurs who respect and reward results.  So are we.

We Offer You An Option

  • Referral Partnership:  We will enter into a partnership agreement to accept referrals on your behalf.  We will work together with you and your client providing direct SEO services to your client in consultation with you.  We bill the client directly; we send monthly service reports, etc. to your client, copying you.  We pay appropriate monthly client referral partnership fees.

We Deliver

  1. In our Case Studies section, we provide current working examples of some of the traditional businesses owned by our founders. We provide current examples of the positioning of those websites and the times involved.  We are transparent.
  2. During discussions we will provide you with current examples of our work and our results.
  3. We guarantee to deliver all promised services, on time, within budget and on a regular basis.

Complete our inquiry and we will get back to you shortly.

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