The SEO Guys

The Situation: 

The SEO Guys was established by four talented guys with different backgrounds and varied business skills. Even though they had over 16 years of successful website development and SEO experience, The SEO Guys website was brand new. The website went up in May 2010. Behind the scenes, business systems were put in place, logos were designed and word started getting around that quality SEO work was becoming available to other outside businesses. Decisions had to be made about how to market this brand new business and develop a large customer base.

The Challenge: 

Being in the SEO business meant the competition for customers were other well established SEO companies. As do most companies, we too approached the challenge of acquiring customers by developing a sales force. This continues. But logic dictated that we had to use our own services and develop “inbound marketing” procedures for the new website. Key word analysis for an SEO company has two main target phrases, “SEO” and “search engine optimization”. There are others, but these two represent the holy grails of our business. The decision was a no brainer.


The SEO Guys decided to be transparent in the pursuit of page one. SEO work started in July 2010. The methods used will not be revealed, but The SEO Guys declares and affirms no other techniques other than those suggested in the various pricing packages have been applied for their own SEO work. Successful principals that have been applied for the last 13 years on their personal business sites continue to be used. Progress will be reported on a monthly basis.

No SEO company can guarantee first page results on Google; The SEO Guys are driven by results and practise what they preach.  Results will be shared as we proceed.

Our Progress

Date Keyword 1 Position Keyword 2 Position Keyword 3 Position
August 1, 2010 seo > 900 search engine optimization > 900 inbound marketing > 900
September 1, 2010 seo 17 search engine optimization 122 inbound marketing 120
 October 1, 2010 seo  12 search engine optimization 48  inbound marketing 10
November 1, 2010   seo 12   search engine optimization 30   inbound marketing   19
December 1, 2010   seo  10   search engine optimization 70   inbound marketing  15 
January 1, 2011   seo   search engine optimization 74    inbound marketing  11 
February 1, 2011 seo 8 search engine optimization 69  inbound marketing  9
March 1, 2011 seo 7 search engine optimization 30  inbound marketing 15
April 1, 2011 seo 6 search engine optimization 12 inbound marketing 13
May 1, 2011 seo 6 search engine optimization 78 inbound marketing 12
June 1, 2011 seo 7 search engine optimization 32 inbound marketing 15

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