The SEO Guys Announce a Second Series of Video Blog Posts

December 9, 2010 Orangeville, ON   The SEO Guys have released the second set of video blog posts.  This series of video blog posts is designed to help companies and individuals with websites, navigate their way through the internet by giving them a better understanding of search engine optimization. 
This series of videos was put together with the small business owner in mind.  “There is a lot of information out there when it comes to search engine optimization.  The hardest part, is finding the right information.”  Kovats would know as he struggled with SEO on his other websites. “After meeting Brad, I was able to get the correct information”.  He hasn’t looked back since he started working with Brad, and has developed a successful SEO track record with his other websites, including his current clients’ websites.

Search Engine Optimization is not a new concept.  Since the inception of search engines such as Yahoo and Google, companies and internet marketers realized that if they were able to have their website show up in the top positions of an organic search, they could increase the odds of directing traffic to their website, and in essence, convert their visitors into customers, and increase their online sales.  Successful search engine optimization campaigns also help add credibility to high ranking websites, and increases brand awareness.  In essence, it becomes another form of advertising for companies and website owners.

The SEO Guys is a search engine optimization company with a proven track record.  The four founding members bring a combination of different skills together, such as business management, website design, project management, search engine optimization, and internet marketing.  Combined, they have over 75 years of business experience, and over 18 of those years in search engine optimization.  As one of the founding partners, Brad has made a living exclusively online for the last 14 years.  Brad has operated thousands of websites in that time period, and has learned from both his mistakes, and successes in SEO.  The good news is, Brad has offered to share his knowledge and success stories in a series of video posts, exclusively through The SEO Guys website.

In this series of videos, topics will cover things such as; 
How to Choose an SEO Company, The Differences Between IT People and Marketing People, Understanding Google Analytics, and, Should You do Your Own SEO?    Tune in, as you will be surprised at the advice Brad gives.
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