Web Designers

  • You’re a Web Designer doing quality work and fit you clients’ budgets and needs.
  • You are particular about having things done right the first time and also on time.
  • You field enquiries about SEO work in conjunction your web design work, and at this time are unsure about the approach to use in conjunction with your web design work.  You may be unhappy with the current results you are obtaining.
  • You do quality work and results matter.
  • You are hesitant about giving SEO recommendations as you know it will affect your own reputation.
  • You do not want to develop SEO expertise yet recognise the opportunities for both your own company and your clients.

We Offer You Two Options

  1. Private Labeling:  We will offer you our services directly as packaged and provide the services to you on behalf of your client.  You can repackage to your client directly at your appropriate pricing, bill your client directly; send performance reports monthly on your forms, etc.
  2. Referral Partnership:  We will enter into a partnership agreement to accept referrals on your behalf.  We will work together with you and your client providing direct SEO services to your client in consultation with you.  We bill the client directly, we send monthly service reports, etc. to your client, copying you.  We pay appropriate monthly client referral partnership fees.

We Deliver

  1. In our Case Studies section, we provide current working examples of some of the traditional businesses owned by our founders. We provide current examples of the positioning of those websites and the times involved.  We are transparent.
  2. During discussions we will provide you with current examples of our work and our results.
  3. We guarantee to deliver all promised services, on time, within budget and on a regular basis.

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