Website and Social Channels Audit

Analysis Of Your Website and Social Media Channels

Not Happy with Your website traffic?
Is social media not working for you?
Is your online sales suck?
Are you struggling to form a connection with your audiences?

To find out what's not working for you, We'll have a deep dive look at your online presence. We'll search on what to improve about your brand image and offering.

We'll look at everything from:

-Your website design and optimization
-Your brand imagery
-Your brand taglines, positioning and brand promise
-Your social media channels
-Your posts (content, imagery, photography, etc)
-Your audience - number, engagement, expectations
-Your competition

We'll give a solid set of recommendations of what you can do to improve and where to focus your time and budget on.



On-Site SEO Service

We will analyze On-Site SEO factors that affect your ability to rank high in search engines.

On-Site SEO factors are elements of your website, either visible on the page or in the code of your website (which you can't see, but search engines can), which affect the site's search rankings. By fixing this SEO factors on your site will improve ranking in major search engines

In this SEO report we summarise the findings from all the pages that we audit on your site (max 200 pages) and send you detailed summary with recommendations.

Technical Audit

-Page Load Speed
-Pages Errors


-Page Titles
-Page Descriptions

-Links & Website Authority
-Search Rankings


-Responsive Design
-Mobile Friendly
-Mobile Page Load Speed

Please contact us with your website details, that we can estimate the cost


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