Value Plus Package

The Value Plus Package is fitting if You’re Serious About Internet Marketing.

Your company is serious about using your website as a marketing tool.  You realise fully that inbound marketing strategies are now a necessary part of your business plans.  You have made a decision to earmark additional funds and effort in these areas as it is not just the future, it is now.

You are in a very competitive environment dealing with B2B or B2C situations.  Traditional marketing, media, trade shows etc. are no longer getting the results that came in the past.  You are now, more than ever, aware of the potential marketing power using the internet as a tool for your business success.

Lead in Your Category

In addition to the Value Package, we step it up to the next level. Another Directory submission is completed and your AdWords budget is increased for more immediate results.  Recognising the power of You Tube as an SEO tool, a personal video or animation video is added to your website promotion every month.  Quality promotion and back links continue with your articles, press releases and your new video productions.

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