The Art of SEO Perseverance

There is an old saying that goes something like “Age before Beauty”. My grandmother says that often when we visit. At the age of ninety I must say that she has aged well. She is quite active, smart and has all her faculties.

One could argue that a website really needs to age in order to experience a mature SEO effort. While appearing quite beautiful and well developed in functionality, a newly designed website will not fare as well with a competitor in its SERPs, all things being equal. That is to say if both the new website and its competitor’s website have the same amount of Search Engine Optimization invested, such as content, high quality backlinks, online promotion and other important factors, the website that has an older domain name will rank better than the new website.

So, what is the antidote to this dilemma? Simply put: hang in there with a concentrated effort of continued SEO work. Chances are that your competitor is not laying low in their SEO efforts and neither should you. You will never be able to catch up in the age of your website, but chances are that you will be able to capitalize on other SEO methods through perseverance.

What do you think?

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